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Lee Park


It’s been a while since I’ve done a Rock County Park post, so I thought it was time to get back at it. As I am focusing on Clinton Township at the moment, Lee Park seems the perfect place to start. Lee Park can be found about four miles south of Clinton on the east side corner of highways 67 and 140.  The main entrance is on Hwy 67. 

The park is named for the Lee family, who sold 40 acres of land to the township on the promise that it would be used as a park. In 1966 the township donated the land to Rock county with a couple caveats including improvements to the park. A small amount of land was added in 1975 by a Mr. Newhouse to create a north entrance to the park. Which can be found just north of the ball diamond on 140.

This is a lovely, peaceful place with many beautiful mature trees to provide shade. A short distance from the entrance is a nice picnic area and a small parking area.

At one end of the parking area are trash containers. The park also has picnic tables and grills for use by visitors, as well as water pumps at both ends of the park.

As you follow the road north you pass a well-maintained pit toilet rest room, a picnic shelter and finally a baseball field and finally, the north entrance.

This is a one lane road and on my visit to the park I stopped my car to take a picture because there was nobody behind me or coming at me. Well of course when I did this there was suddenly a car on both sides! Fortunately, there is just enough leeway to maneuver this type of situation and we all successfully got going in our chosen directions without a problem. 


The ball field at the north end of the park was provided thanks to donations of materials and time from the 4H clubs of Clinton, Turtle. Another donation to the park is the picnic shelter. Rock County provided the materials and volunteers provided the time and muscle to build it. It’s wonderful that the township was willing to put in the time to help create such a beautiful space. 

There are hiking trails through the park and it’s eight acre arboretum at the north end opposite the ball field. I would have liked to explore these trails but unfortunately I didn’t see any of the access points. They are either not marked or I just didn’t see them. The park is open to the public from 5am until 10pm daily.

The only real downside to the park is that there is very little parking available. Beyond that it’s a beautiful addition to our County Park system and I will certainly be visiting Lee Park again. For more information or to rent the picnic shelter or the ball field contact the Rock county Parks Dept. at 608-757-5451.