Hello 🙂 My name is sharon and I grew up in Rock County like many/most of you. I am not a history teacher. I am a writer and artist with a passion for the past.

History has always interested me. Not the kind that you are forced to remember long enough to take an exam. While details are important I’ve found the history directly related to who we are, how our communities began and grew to our homes and businesses much more interesting.

It is the people and the choices they made that created our history. This is what I find fascinating and what drove me to start this blog. Each community in our county has its own story to tell. Who were the men and women that left everything they knew behind to come to a wild, unsettled place to begin again? What drove them? This is what my blog is about. I will tell our stories, one community at a time.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. maryeconklinweekes

    Hi Sharon, what community do you actually live in? I enjoyed your write up about Mud Lake. Just went there today! Please contact me if you are from Milton, and if you would be willing to be interviewed about the natural areas you have explored in Rock County. Thanks. Mary

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