Our County Parks


Magnolia Bluff

Of all the County Parks I have been to so far Magnolia Bluff is my favorite. This 120 acre park is in the western part of the county south of Evansville, ½ mile south of HWY 59. Turn onto Croak road and the entrance to the park is on your left a short way down the road.

The park has three parking areas, a large lot at the foot of the bluff and tow smaller lots at the top. One for people bringing horse trailers and another for people going out to the park area. There are restrooms, picnic tables, grills and water provided at both the upper and lower bluff areas as well as dumpsters for your trash. Like all the County Parks this one is open from dawn to dusk. Because of the steep areas and rock outcroppings it is important to use extreme caution near the bluff edges and to not wander off the trails.

Portions of this park are designated State natural Area. The bluff is sandstone over dolomite and has a variety of Oak and Hickory trees as well as some Birch and Elm. There are several area where work has been done to restore and protect the plant species natural to this area. These areas are signed and it is requested that park visitors not walk in or through these areas.

Magnolia Bluff is the second highest point in Rock County. From it’s western end you get a gorgeous view of rolling hills and fields well into Green County. This is certainly a great spot for sunset pictures! I’ve never been to the Eastern overlook but the view must be equally beautiful.

There are two types of trails around and across the Bluff. One is for hiking and cross country skiing only and another for hiking and horseback riding. They are quite extensive and are a lovely, peaceful experience.


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