Our County Parks

Carver – Roehl

This park is 53 acres of amazing beauty. You can find it at 4907 So. Carvers Rock Rd. It’s east of Janesville about 14 miles. Turn right onto So. Carvers Rock Road and keep going, you’ll get there and it’s well worth it. Like all county parks Carver – Roehl is open from dawn to dusk and is available to rent for large parties. The park provides picnic tables under a pavilion, trash bins, bathrooms, a hand pump for water and there is also a playground area for children The parking might be tricky if it is a busy day. Parking is available around the picnic area loop. Be sure to leave room for you and others to safely get in and out of the park. During the winter parking is allowed only on the road leading into the park.

This photo is courtesy of the Carver – Roehl website

This is one of the oldest parks in the county and arguably one of the prettiest. The land was given by the Roehl family for a park in 1950. The area was formed by the last glacial period and is known as a dry-mesic forest. Because of this a large section of the park has been designated a State Natural Area. This organization is a cooperative effort between the DNR and the states counties to protect examples of Wisconsin’s outstanding natural areas. To date there are about 600 sites totaling 330,00 acres under protection.

Spring Brook Creek runs the length of the park and formed the beautiful sandstone cliffs you can see walking the creekside trails. There are several trails in the park open for hiking and snowshoeing. Most that I have hiked are fairly easy for most people. The only problem I had while hiking the trails is that there isn’t a place to sit unless you want to sit on the ground. For me, that is not an easy thing to do, but I was able to make it back to the picnic area without help. You do want to remember to take mosquito and tick protection, the area is quite wooded so this is something to keep in mind.

When we go to a parks we usually take bags so we can pick up and trash we find on the trails. On this trip we found very little trash, but we found some nice berries that my sister enjoyed.

If you drive past the entrance to the park about a mile or so you come to a lovely little area of the park to sit and listen to the water. If you go a little further down the road and turn left you come to the back side of the park where there is a burial site for two people who came to the county very early in its history.

I hope you have the opportunity to visit this beautiful park sometime summer. If you’ve never been here I am quite sure you will enjoy it.


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