Mud Lake Park


This is the first in a series of posts about the many beautiful parks in our county. I am beginning with Mud Lake just outside the west end of Milton on highway 51. I had seen the sign on the edge of the road for years but didn’t realize that this was an actual park. To be honest it is more of a wildlife area than what most people may consider a park.

When coming in off the Highway you wouldn’t know you were headed into a wonderful experience.


The parking area is well off the road and quite small. In my estimation you couldn’t get more than four or five cars safely in the area.

Mud Lake Tree

This beautiful tree stands near the entrance to the path down to the lake.


The path starts out covered in wood chip and at a fairly level grade.


Then gets quite steep, hinting that there was a time when this lake was much bigger
and much deeper. The path was moist because the area is so wooded, but it wasn’t slippery. After a rain, I imagine it would be a bit treacherous to hike down to the water.

Mud Lake water view

Once you reach the water, you discover this lovely view. There is no beach or any place to sit, except on some of the fallen trees.

And there are quite a lot of standing dead trees. I imagine this is left over from the flooding a few years back. Some of the ground near the water is marshy, so don’t wear shoes that you don’t want to get wet and dirty.


There are a couple of trails to hike. One of them has a picnic table on it, but you need to be careful as the trails branch off into people’s yards. So be careful that you don’t trespass on private property.


We found this cool little camp area that had a nice grated fire pit. I don’t know whether or not it is a part of the park or on private property, but it’s still pretty cool.

There is a variety of wild flowers and berry bushes to enjoy.

This is a very nice little park for hiking. Keep in mind the steep up and down grades but the lush woods are worth the trip. I will be going back.


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