Imagine a Train Here


I prefer this view, don’t you?
Keep our counties farm land where it belongs,
in the hands of its farmers!
Rock Against the Rail
Get involved, write the Governor and the STB


9 thoughts on “Imagine a Train Here

    1. rockcountyourstory Post author

      It is. If this were for something really necessary then fine but do it somewhere else. You don’t rip up hundreds of acres of prime farm land across three states because some dude want’s to play train. If the issue is Chicago, fix Chicago!

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      1. sonofabeach96

        Been done for years. It rips hundreds year old farms in half, takes people’s homes, and completely diminishes the quality of lives of those who are now in proximity of the “betterment” forced upon them.

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      2. sonofabeach96

        It really is. My grandparents were bought out around 30 years ago by an airport expansion. The house they’d lived in for 30 years themselves, just gone. And for less than free market value as well, I might add.

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